About this site

The information provided here has been collected for general purposes. The product OXY HIVES has been especially formulated to ease the symptoms, especially that annoying itching and pruritus, associated to urticaria hives, here you will find valuable and up to date information apropos of this product and how it can help you to recover your health and tranquility.

It is very well known for people that are affected by an allergy that is almost impossible to restrain the need of scratching the lesions produced on skin by it; therefore the allergy can become an obstacle for the normal development of daily activities given the annoyance produced by symptoms. In the case of urticaria there have been found a variety of factors which have great incidence on the emergence of hives, this site has the purpose of informing you as much as is possible about the multiple circumstances that can lead to the formation of hives, so you will be able to avoid certain situations in the case that you have predisposition to be affected by any of these allergies.

Urticaria hives formation can be triggered by the contact with objects, fluids, by the intake of certain foods, any type of allergy has its own particularities and characteristics, getting to know them will help you to be alert in the case that you or one member of your family like your kids are being affected by any of these condition, so you can get the most appropriate treatment.