For years, I have gotten hives that have been life threatening. One time, the hives were so bad that they distorted my face, in to my lungs, and I was mostly a mass of red on my body within just a few minutes of the onslaught of the hives.

Are you sure about this?, let's see if it works, it looks like it really works.


I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful product! I’ve suffered from hives and allergies all of my life but my case has been very severe over the past 5 years. After much research I felt I had a systemic urticaria but I couldn’t get anyone to listen to me or treat it. I've also tried a lot of new products, but they didn't show any results, so I kept suffering itchy wheals. Then, a friend recommended me the use of Oxy Hives. It’s hard to believe the results I’m seeing but I am so grateful that I’m feeling like a whole person again and I can’t thank you enough.

Loren G.

It started out on the soles of my feet and gradually spread up my legs…by the time I got home my whole body felt hot and itchy-- like I had rolled in fiberglass insulation! I tore off my clothes in front of the mirror, and was horrified. Raised, red, wheals and splotches all over my skin—even on my scalp! Nothing seemed to help, and I was miserable for weeks… The Oxy Hives Formula did give me my relief! I started to use the Oxy Hives spray for two weeks and the itching started to stop! I could finally sleep at night! After about four weeks, the pain in my tissues and hip joints from what ever I caught in the yard or from our new house had subsided. Then I just didn't have hives any more! I love the products so much I let people know who need help everywhere. Even My own dermatologist!

Simon S.