Oxy Hives The urticaria can emerge in one area or being present in the whole body, it can be a reaction caused by different stimuli like the following:

  • Use of certain cosmetics
  • Insect bites
  • Contact with certain plants or herbs
  • Take a steam bath
  • Change of weather (cold or heat)
  • The ingestion of certain ice creams
  • The covering of some medicines (capsules)
  • Swimming on cold water
  • Sun exposure (it attacks after a half of hour of exposition)

It is important to observe that even the tension, physical fatigue and emotions can also cause the appearance of urticaria hives. Usually the urticaria disappears after a few hours or in just a few days. However to shorten the duration and relief the annoyances caused by urticaria hives, there is a very effective product known as Oxy Hives.

It is useful however to take some preventive measures like investigating what triggers the urticaria (allergy, tensions, or other causes) so the causative agent that causes the emergence of hives can be identified and avoided. It is also useful to take foods that are rich in calcium and C Vitamin, which according some investigations prevent the attacks of urticaria. An example of vegetable that is rich in calcium is the broccoli which can be ingested in salads or soups. As for the C Vitamin, it is advisable to take on an empty stomach a glass with one or two lemons juice. It is helpful to avoid the clothes made with synthetic material.

Avoid the intake of exciting drinks like coffee, tea and sodas. Decrease or remove the excessive intake of fats of animal origin like sausages, canned fishes, butter, organ meats, bacon, cheese and seafood. Avoid the contact with any possible allergic agent.

Medically known as urticaria, hives begin when parts of the body release histamine due to an allergic reaction to some sort of antigen introduced into the body systems. Imagine that as many as 15-20% of the population will experience hives in their lifetime.

To evade some risky side effects, you will be elated to know there is a holistic formula that has all natural ingredients for hives relief.

No pills, no creams—relieves multiple symptoms…

Tired of having to remember to take a pill for this…and a cream for that? Our homeopathic experts developed a blend of eight ingredients to combat not just one, but several symptoms of hives with one easy application. Great for busy people on the go. Here are just a few of our all-natural ingredients:

  • Apis Mellifica: Reduces intolerable itching, stinging pain and swelling
  • Arnica Montana: For the bruised feeling that can often follow hives rash, and hyper-sensitive skin
  • Hepar: Combats heat, redness, itching
  • Ichthyolum: Attacks inflammation
  • Lachesis: Relieves burning sensation

See our ingredients page for an explanation of all ingredients and their actions.

Now you know how to stop the agony of itching, burning and stinging caused by hives with Oxy Hives homeopathic remedy that’s non-addictive, non-drowsy and easy to administer as a spray. If you ever want to go for no-doctor, no-contraindications and no-adverse-side-effects do-it-yourself kind of cure, go for Oxy Hives.