Managing and easing symptoms

Hives, which also goes by the name Urticaria, is characterized by red bumps that are swollen coming out on the skin. Hives can appear on the tongue, lips, throat and any other part of an individual's body. Angiodema is a type of Urticaria that is manifested by the swelling occurring under an individual's skin. Angiodema on parts of the throat or tongue can be life threatening especially when there is blockage of the breathing system, but this occurs rarely.Symptoms of Urticaria One should get medical attention when they experience the following signs and symptoms:

Wheezing When one experiences breathing problems such as Dizziness or Swelling in the throat, lips or tongue.

Possible Causes of Urticaria

Urticaria occurs when there is a release of histamine below the skin. The histamine that is released triggers inflammation below the skin leading to formation of wheats. Below are some of the possible causes for this particular skin condition:Medications that ranges from the use of antibiotics that are used to treat various types of infections that are triggered by bacteria.Presence of parasites in the intestines of an individual. Exposure to high temperature and heat levels Terminal ailments such as lupus or thyroid diseaseDiagnosing Hives A physician will normally ask a lot of questions so as to find the basis of Hives infection. Due to the fact that there is no particular test to recognize hives, the examination by a doctor or medical practitioner will consist of a review of an individual's medical history and a series of skin tests by qualified dermatologists. Skin tests are important because they help to determine allergic substances that could be causing Urticaria. Blood tests can be carried out to find if there could be an underlying ailment or disease that would be causing such reactions. Always alert a doctor in case of any of the above symptoms.

Hives Treatment

One way to treat Urticaria is identifying the cause and eliminating it. However, this is not always simple. A physician will prescribe antihistamines to an individual so as to relieve symptoms experienced.In the case of severe Urticaria, a number of medicines taken together with antihistamines can be administered. Urticaria does not last for long but one can do the following to help in the healing process:One can use a cool cloth and wet the parts that are affected. Sleeping in a room that is cool and has no much heat can be very effective to the process of hives treatment. Wearing clothes that are not very tight can be helpful in ensuring that the sores get enough aeration. It is important to note that Urticaria should be treated immediately the signs occur to avoid it advancing to a complicated level. Avoiding causative agents of Urticaria can go along way in making sure that Urticaria does not occur again. A good diet plan should also be used so as not to worsen some of the symptoms of Urticaria. It is therefore vital that hives treatment should be carried out in the most accurate manner to ensure complete recovery.